Subway Restaurants

Increased Sanitation During COVID-19


Millions of people pass through Forward Subway restaurants each year, and so there is nothing more important to us than the health and well-being of our customers and employees. During this COVID-19 pandemic, Forward Corp and Subway have taken many steps to ensure the safety of our stakeholders, including:


  • Hourly cleaning and/or sanitation of common touch points such as door handles, freezer/cooler door handles, credit card terminals, restrooms, beverage areas, and registers.
  • Social distancing markers placed on floor to aid customers in maintaining appropriate distance from others
  • Mandating the wearing of faces masks or shields by all employees who are able
  • Plexiglas shields placed at registers to provide additional barrier between employees and customers
  • No drink refills to eliminate risk of cross contamination
  • Staff changing gloves after each customer/transaction
  • Encouraging the use of credit/debit card payments to minimize handling of cash and coin
  • Limiting the number of customers allowed in store at one time
  • Daily monitoring of staff health. If any employee shows symptoms related to those of COVID-19, that employee is not permitted to work and must adhere to CDC guidelines before returning